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Senior Showcase Bowl 100


About us

Bob Cazet
President and Founder
(855) 843-8448

Bob Cazet did his first Alumni Football game in 1985. Since then, with the many great reps in Alumni Football USA, we have put on over 1,000 Alumni Football games. Over $1,300,000 has been raised for schools and charities across the nation through Alumni Football USA events. We are a proud sponsor of the "2014 Senior Showcase Bowl 100's" and look forward to helping athletes achieve their dreams of playing football at the next level. We believe every athlete should get his/her chance to compete fairly for those scholarships and the exposure it takes to get the "look" it takes to be recognized.

Most guys wish they had the chance. Well, here it is. Over 100 college coaches will be invited to watch each of these games. Some will be on the sidelines. The coaching staffs for these games will be legendary coaches; The Hall of Famers, as well as the upstarts; the new kid coaches with their spread offenses and pro style defenses.

There are over 50 Senior Showcase Bowls in the works for 2015. Including the top 40-50 markets in the United States; places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Boston, Sarasota, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Seattle, Detroit, Denver, Cleveland, Orlando, Portland, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Baltimore, San Diego, Nashville, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Miami, Las Vegas, Birmingham, Montgomery, Albuquerque, Louisville, Memphis, Jacksonville, and Buffalo. Also, there will be many more small market games so everyone will get the opportunity to show their championship abilities.

"Senior Showcase Bowl 100"
"Where Champions are Discovered!"